How to make beaded keyrings and bag danglers you can sell for profit.

Updated: Feb 12

Make your own fancy beaded keyrings and bag danglers that you can sell for profit online or at local fetes, fairs and craft markets.

You don't need very many supplies and you may well have everything you need already. It's a great opportunity to use up any left over bits and bobs from other craft projects.

If you do need to buy items in, they are all inexpensive to buy so it's a really cheap product to make which you can sell for a good profit. Look out for beaded necklaces, bags of loose beads and other interesting items in charity shops, car boot sales or flea markets. You can break up beaded necklaces, wash the beads and use them in your projects.

Make fancy keyrings and bag danglers to sell for profit

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This simple craft project makes a great low mess craft activity for adults too. Simply take your bead stash along to a girls night in and make beaded keyrings and bag danglers together. Great craft activity for hen parties, baby showers etc...

I actually used this craft as a filler activity at one of my ladies evening craft sessions and it went down really well, all the ladies really enjoyed it and left with some amazing creations. A few ladies even suggested that they would make more at home to sell on their craft stalls.

I already had a big stash of beads which I’ve been collecting from charity shops and car boot sales and I had a bag of keyring chains leftover from a recent children’s activity so the idea of making beaded bag danglers fitted really well. I called in to my local craft shop to chat about the best wire to use for this type of project and I was recommended a 24 gauge craft wire... narrow enough to thread beads but strong enough to manipulate without breaking. It was cheap too.

What you need to make beaded keyrings and bag danglers...

What you will need to make fancy beaded keyrings and bag danglers

Here’s how we made our beaded keyrings and bag danglers...

1. Cut a piece of wire approx 3 to 4 inches in length.

2. Thread one end through one of the links of the keyring chain and twist the wire to secure using the round nose pliers.

3. Push the first bead on to the wire. Push the bead over the twist to hide it.

4. Add all your beads and finish off with a charm, pendant or dangler leaving about half an inch of wire for finishing off.

5. Using the round nose pliers, fold the wire back upon itself and push the end up through the last bead to finish off.

homemade beaded keyrings and bag danglers

Kids keyrings and school bag danglers...

This craft project also makes a lovely super easy craft activity for children whether crafting at home with parents or as an easy, low mess craft activity for a kids birthday party.

If you don't have craft wire, pipe cleaners work really well as a kids craft activity... Simply twist the pipe cleaner around the loop of the keyring and thread with beads. Finish off by pushing the end of the pipe cleaner back on itself and tucking the end into a bead to hide the end of the wire.

For younger children threading beads encourages the use of fine motor skills so you're developing the children's skills whilst crafting too!

fancy beaded keyrings bag danglers

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