Beginners Guide to Managing Small Business Finances

Get your new small business off on the right track with my brand new online mini training course Beginners Guide to Managing Small Business Finances. Aimed at new home based startups and the small home based business owner, this course will guide you through how to easily set up and manage your own business accounts and finances at minimal cost.

My new training course covers off how to register with your local tax authority, explains the need for a business bank account, covers how to set up online payments and how to accept payments by card., how to easily keep on top of your income and expenditure using a simple spreadsheet or by using an accounting software package, tips on submitting your tax return yourself and also offers examples of when you might need to consult an accountant. This training course will save you valuable time and money! The course includes downloadable templates you can use in your own business including a sample income and expenditure spreadsheet, invoice, example expense categories to use in accounting software and an example of an income and expenditure schedule you can use within your tax return. It's all here.... months of work just waiting to help you!

Around 80 per cent of UK companies fail within their first year (according to figures from the Office for National Statistics) and most fail because they didn't manage their finances well enough! Don't let that be you - get it right from the start. I will show you how easy it is to stay on top of your small business finances at minimal cost and with minimal time and effort.

Reasons to take control of your own business expenses...

⭐️ It saves you money​

⭐️ It's easier than you think

⭐️ It puts you in control

⭐️ You become more knowledgeable

⭐️ You will KNOW your financial position

⭐️ You can predict your cashflow

⭐️ There's some great software with lots of helpful online resources available these days​

⭐️ It will increase your confidence as you gather a hands on understanding of your own financial situation

Piggy Bank

What's included in the training course...

This online training course is a guide to setting up and managing your own small business finances. It is a pre-recorded training course which can be completed at your own pace - no need to turn up at a designated time! It will take approx. 45 minutes to complete. This course will save you valuable time and money and includes:

​ ⭐️ registering with your local tax authority ⭐️ setting up a bank account ⭐️ accepting online payments ⭐️ accepting card payments ⭐️ tracking your income & expenditure ⭐️ using a spreadsheet ⭐️ using accounting software ⭐️ sample tax return submission ⭐️ when do you need an accountant ⭐️ templates for your own personal use

You can read all the details here: The Beginners Guide to Small Business Finances.


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