Fun and easy Superhero wrist cuffs kids craft activity

Updated: Feb 14

Make your very own Superhero wrist cuffs! This is a great low mess craft activity for children of all ages. Just follow these easy to make instructions and you’ll have made your very own ultimate super hero wrist cuffs in no time! Great craft activity for a children's superhero themed birthday party.

Make your own Superhero wrist cuffs kids craft party activity

During my years running children's birthday parties, I was hired to run a kids party for 25 x 5 year olds with a Superhero theme with a specific request to make Superhero shields and superhero wrist cuffs. I did a little research but I couldn’t quite find anything suitable to run as a group craft activity so I developed my own versions of a Superhero Shield and a super easy and low mess method of making Superhero wrist cuffs. Here's how we created the Superhero wrist cuffs...

What you'll need...

  • Empty cereal box (or similar)

  • Roll of bordette (or off-cuts from other projects)

  • Metallic foil card cut into strips

  • Superhero stickers (or design your own)

  • Velcro tabs

  • Double-sided tape

  • Craft scissors

What you need to make Superhero wrist cuffs

How to make Superhero wrist cuffs...

1. Cut a strip of card from a cereal box approx 8 inches in length and 3 inches wide (you may need to amend the length and width slightly depending on age / size of wrist).

2. Add Velcro tabs to front and back

3. Add three strips of double-sided tape to the length of card

4. Peel off the paper cover from the double-sided tape so that the top is sticky

How to make Superhero wrist cuffs kids craft activity

5. Place a coloured strip of card along the central strip of double-sided tape

6. Add two strips of coloured bordette to the top and bottom strips of double-sided tape (see picture)

7. Add Superhero stickers for detail

8. Wrap the wrist cuff around the child’s arm and seal it with the velcro tabs

Prep this activity for a kids Superhero Theme Party!

If you want to run this activity as a craft activity at a kids Superhero themed birthday party you'll need to prepare in advance. Simply follow steps 1-3 above to prepare the cuffs for the children to decorate. Also pre-cut lengths of bordette in various colours and pre-cut lengths of shiny card for the children to choose from.

Dish up bowls of Superhero stickers for the children to choose from and add to their cuff as desired. Or if you can’t find stickers, you can print off some Superhero images or logos from your home computer for the children to colour themselves before cutting out and sticking with glue or double-sided tape.

To extend the activity you could print Superhero images and logos in black and white and get the children to colour-in before cutting out and sticking on.

You can view more creative kids crafting ideas, tips and techniques here.

Happy crafting!

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