How to Create a Professional Facebook Cover for Free

Updated: Apr 29

If you have your own business, Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool. It’s a great place to showcase your business, products or services and best of all it’s free to use with pay to advertise options available.

Your Facebook Cover is a huge piece of advertising that is often overlooked. It’s a big old chunk of space right at the top of your Business page and the first thing people will see when they arrive on your business page.

Optimising your Facebook Cover space can make a huge impact and create a killer first impression. Make that first impression count!

How to create a professional Facebook cover for free
How to create a professional Facebook cover for free

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Setting up a Facebook Business Page is a great place to start marketing your business. If you haven't yet created a Facebook Page for your business, there's a great tutorial on how to do just that here: How to create a Facebook Business Page.

Maximising your Facebook page is key to building an engaged group of followers, those who are likely to soon become your clients and customers.

What is a Facebook cover?

Your Facebook Cover is the big picture right at the top of your personal profile or Facebook Business Page, to the right of your profile picture.

How do I upload or change my cover photo?

1. From your Facebook Page, select the ‘Edit’ option on the right side of your cover image. A drop-down menu with several options will appear.

How to change a Facebook Cover image
How to change a Facebook Cover image

2. You can choose to upload a new photo or video. Or you can use a photo or video that you have already posted to Facebook.

3. If you choose the ‘create slideshow’ option, you will be able to add multiple photos as your Facebook Cover which will rotate through.

How to create a Facebook Cover for FREE

Graphic design is probably one of my biggest weaknesses… I’m terrible. So, when I discovered Canva a few years ago I jumped for joy! I use Canva for the majority of my graphics including cover and profile images, social media posts, blog covers, Pinterest graphics, the lot!

Canva is a fantastic FREE graphic design tool that includes a huge range of beautiful templates for you to choose from. You simply choose what design you need e.g. Facebook Cover and it automatically sizes your graphic for you. There is an option to upgrade to a paid for version (which is great) but the free version offers plenty of options for those just starting out.

Here’s what you need to know…

Use a FREE graphic design tool such as Canva

1. Create a new account at Canva.

2. Select ‘create a design’. A drop-down menu with several options will appear. Scroll to find ‘Facebook Cover’ or type ‘Facebook Cover’ in the search box.

3. As is often the case with technology, there are multiple ways to get to the same place. You can also start a ‘new design’ by scrolling through the many icons or text links.

4. When you click ‘Facebook Cover’ a blank design will open in the editor mode. You can of course start your design from scratch if you have something specific in mind, but as a beginner you will likely want to use a template.

5. By default, your new design opens on the ‘Templates’ tab. You can scroll through all available templates and select one you like. As an example, I’ve chosen a wedding photographer template…

How to find templates in Canva
How to find templates in Canva

How to change photos in a Canva template

You can easily switch the photos used in the template to another stock photo or you can select to upload one of your own. Here’s how…

1. Click on the photo that you want to remove and select ‘delete’.

2. Now select ‘Photos’ from the tab on the far left of the editor.

How to change photos within a Canva template
How to change photos within a Canva template

3. You can scroll through all the photos or type something more specific into the search box e.g. wedding.

4. The photos marked ‘Pro’ are included in the upgraded version (or you can purchase individually) but there are still lots of FREE photos available in Canva.

5. If you can’t find anything quite right, take a look on other free stock photography websites such as Pixabay or Pexels.

6. Or of course you may prefer to upload your own photos and images. To do this select the ‘Uploads’ tab on the far left of the editor. You can either click ‘upload media’ to find your images or you can drag and drop it over. I would recommend only using your own photographs if they’re of good quality.

How to change the text

This is super easy to do! Simply double click inside the text box and change the text. If you want to change the font type or size of the font, choose the font size and type by selecting the relevant options from the bar across the top of the editor.

When you click on the font name, a list of all available fonts will appear on the left menu. If you use a particular font type, you can quickly find a font by typing its name into the search bar at the top of the list of font names.

How to change text in a Canva template
How to change text in a Canva template

How to change colours

To change the colour of a font, simply select the text box you want to change then click the coloured circle on the top bar of the editor. This will open up all the colours in the left menu.

How to change the colours within a Canva template
How to change the colours within a Canva template

If you use a particular colour within your branding and you can't easily find it, if you know the hexadecimal code (known as 'Hex code'), click the 'new color' icon and you type in the code. If you want to use a specific colour but you don't know the hex code, you can use one of the many free online 'hex code generators'. I use Color Picker Online. It allows you to upload an image or photo and you simply click on the colour you want from your uploaded image and it generates the hex code for you which you can then copy and paste into Canva. It's very clever!

To sum up...

So we’ve looked at the basics of what a Facebook Cover is, how to upload and change it and how to physically create one, so you should now have all the details you need to go create your own fabulous professional Facebook Cover image for FREE!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this information useful.

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