How to make a lollipop popsicle stick bird feeder

Updated: Feb 12

Make a bird feeder to hang in the garden using craft lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks. This is a great fun low mess craft activity for children of all ages. Just follow these easy to make instructions and you'll have made your very own fabulous lollipop stick bird feeder to hang up in your garden in no time!

My local craft shop recently ran a special deal on lollipop (popsicle) sticks. Not being one to resist a bargain I bought up the lot... figured I could use them up during a kids holiday craft session.

How to make a lollipop stick bird feeder kids craft activity

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Half-term was almost upon us and with National Nest Box Week falling during the school holidays, I decided to incorporate bird themed craft activities into my kids craft sessions during the half-term holiday week.

It was a lovely session that all the children really enjoyed. We painted and decorated bird boxes first before making our very own lollipop (popsicle) stick bird feeders using brightly coloured sticks. The children all loved making them and were thrilled with the end result. It was a great low mess craft activity too which can easily be replicated at home. Here's how we made them...

What you will need to make a lollipop stick bird feeder...

What you need to make a lollipop stick bird feeder kids craft activity

Instructions on how to make a lollipop stick bird feeder...

1. Line up eleven lollipop sticks in a neat line as per image #1.

2. Glue the length of a lollipop stick and press down across the eleven lollipops to secure in place as per image #2.

3. Glue the length of another lollipop stick as per image #3.

4. Flip over your base as per image #1.

5. Create a layer of lollipop sticks using four sticks with glue in each corner.

6. After the second layer of lollipop sticks, glue the JUMBO lollipop stick across the middle section as per image #4.

Instructions on how to make a lollipop bird feeder kids craft activity

7. Continue creating layers of lollipop sticks to reach a maximum of 6 layers.

8. Cut 4 long pieces of string. Gather the four ends together and tie them in a knot.

9. Place the knotted end underneath the bird feeder and feed the four string ends through each corner as per image #5.

10. Tie the four string ends together at the top.

11. Hang your creation up in your garden.

12. Fill with bird seeds.

Fill your lollipop bird feeder with seeds and hang it in the garden

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Happy Crafting!

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