How to make easy low-mess sun-catcher kites with kids

Updated: Feb 12

We recently made stunning sun catcher kites using sticky back plastic, tissue papers and sequins which we hung up on the window to let the sunlight flood through. They were absolutely beautiful and such a super low-mess kids craft activity too. Here's how to make sun catcher kites for kids...

How to make low mess sun catcher kites kids craft activity

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What you'll need to make the sun catcher kites...

Instructions on making sun catcher kites for kids

How we made the sun catcher kites...

1. We prepped the diamond shape for the kite in advance for the children by folding a sheet of A5 black construction paper in half and cutting the corners to create a diamond shape. With the diamond still folded, we cut out the centre of the diamond.

2. We then stuck the diamond shape on to a sheet of sticky back plastic.

3. We gave the children some pre-cut black strips (cut from the discarded centre of the diamond), a tray of sequins and a tray of cut-up tissue papers.

4. The children got creative by first sticking on the black strips in a cross shape then adding sequins. They then added the tissue paper and a final sprinkle of sequins.

How to make low mess sun catcher kites for kids

5. We cut a small piece of curling ribbon and taped to the top of the diamond for hanging, then taped a long piece of curling ribbon to the bottom of the diamond for the tail.

6. We then 'sealed' the kite by adding the second piece of sticky back plastic over the top and sandwiched all the tissue paper, sequins and curling ribbons in between the two pieces of plastic.

7. Cut around the outside of the diamond to remove the excess plastic and create the kite shape.

8. Decorate the tail by adding bows. We used double-sided tape for this part.

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Happy Crafting!

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