5 Top Tips to Minimise Distractions When Working From Home

Updated: Apr 28

No matter how much you love your family, they will start to get on your nerves, especially if you have a deadline looming! If at all possible, try to minimise distractions and isolate yourself for a few hours per day to crack through those tasks high up on your to-do list.

How to minimise distractions when working from home
How to minimise distractions when working from home

If you're living by yourself, just switch your phone off and shut down email and social media for an hour at a time. Do your work, then check back in. Repeat as often as you can.

If you live with people this becomes more of a challenge, especially if some of them are children. You can't change the circumstances right now; it is what it is. That said, thousands of us are still incredibly productive and often because we find a way to temporarily isolate ourselves in our homes whilst we crack through some work. Here are some tips for doing that:

1. Get up early!

Get up early and work for an hour or two before your toddler wakes up or work late after everyone else is asleep. Try both, see which one works best for you.

2. Move to another room

If you have an office or spare room, consider heading in there and shutting the door. This works if you have older kids who can look after themselves for the most part, or if both you and your partner are staying home. Take turns working and taking care of the rest of the family.

3. Sit in your car!

If your house is just too crazy go sit in your car. You can stay close enough to the house that wi-fi still works.

4. Get a routine

Get into a routine. Putting in a couple of hours per day is often all it takes to stay on top of your work. How you make your schedule depends on your personal situation and how you are working remotely. If you're taking or attending a lot of virtual meetings you will have less flexibility. Remember to set aside time to work and time to relax and have some fun.

5. Work out a schedule

If you and your spouse are both working remotely with children in the house, you will have to work out who works when and who watches the kids. If you have older children, you may be able have everyone work in the same block of hours on office work and school assignments and then take the rest of the day to do something else. Just try to work out a schedule, give it a go and come back after a few days and adjust as needed.

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