Kids Valentine's Day Homemade Heart Card & Personalised Gift

Updated: Feb 13

Get crafty with the kids creating handmade gifts for loved one’s for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday’s or indeed ‘just because we love you’ days. Children love the magic of the ‘reveal’ and take great delight in presenting a loved one with their hand painted personalised gift…

Valentines Day Card and Gift 2-in-1 kids craft activity

What you will need to create a personalised card and heart canvas gift...

How to create a personalised card and heart canvas gift...

1. If you feel you can draw a heart shape free hand, go ahead. If you’re not that great at free hand simply search online images for ‘heart outline’ and copy and paste the image into a document – or copy and paste my heart template image below. Print off a test copy to make sure that the heart shape will fit nicely into the centre of your mini canvas before printing on to your piece of card.

2. Cut out the card heart shape. Place double-sided tape on to the back towards the edges and tape to the centre of your mini canvas.

Cut out a heart shape and stick it to the canvas

3. Now the canvas is ready for painting… get the children to paint all over the canvas including over the top of the heart. Make sure they paint over all the white bits using whatever colours they want. Glitter paints look really cool over the top too.

4. When the canvas (and heart) is covered with paint you can peel off the heart from the centre. Children love to watch the magical ‘reveal’. Leave the paint to dry on the canvas then decorate with buttons, jewels, sequins using pva glue or write your own message in the heart.

Peel off the card heart shape and decorate with buttons, jewels or write your own message

Tip! If you don't have a mini canvas to hand, you can just use a white piece of card and stick it to a thick piece of cardboard 👍

2 in 1 activity!

You can also use the painted heart from the centre to create a matching Valentine's Day or Mother's Day greetings card. Simply peel the painted heart from the canvas and stick it on to a folded piece of card.

Peel the heart from the canvas and stick it on to a piece of folded card
2-in-1 'card and gift' kids Valentine's Day craft activity

Heart Template

Here is a heart shaped template that you can copy and paste, print it off and cut it out.

Happy crafting!

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