The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing (MLMs) for Women

Is Network Marketing right FOR YOU?

Running a home-based business in your spare time, alongside your regular job, is becoming more and more attractive to women wanting to earn some extra cash alongside a main job (often referred to as a 'side hustle') and it's also an attractive opportunity for many stay-at-home mamas wanting to earn themselves a part-time (or full-time) income.

Network marketing (also referred to as multi-level marketing) can be an ideal opportunity to start your own small business, from your own home, with flexible working hours.

Network marketing (NM) / Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are becoming increasingly popular but finding the right network marketing business FOR YOU can be tricky. With so many opportunities available, all offering attractive newcomer deals and enticing special offers, it's easy to become overwhelmed when there's so much choice.

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What is Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing ?

Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) as it's also known is an attractive business proposition to many people, especially those wanting to earn extra income or run a 'side hustle' business from home. Unlike those who start a business from scratch, the network marketing lady has the support of a direct selling company that supplies the products and often offers her the training as well.

The network / multi-level marketing model has been around for decades. It is a distribution business model that companies use to get their product out to consumers. Instead of directly offering their products for sale in an online store or in a brick-and-mortar store, they use sales representatives to distribute and sell their products.

Sales representatives typically work from home and buy stock to sell in-person or online. They aren't considered employees; instead, each sales representative owns their business. The multi-level aspect refers to each representative's ability to recruit and train other representatives to start their own business. As recruits make sales and recruit their own representatives, each person above them earns a commission.

In short... income earned by network marketing sales representatives comes from the commission earned on personal sales plus a percentage of the sales earned by other reps that they have recruited.

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How Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing works...

Selling products through sales representatives rather selling direct online or through high street stores is a lucrative way for network marketing companies to sell their products and expand their reach with minimum marketing cost and no salaried workforce.

There are multiple levels of distribution as well as payouts occurring at each of those levels, which is why this marketing model is often referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM).

With an MLM business, you are typically recruited by someone who's already in the business. You may have attended one of their sales events, enjoyed the products and thought 'I can do this!'

Once you've expressed an interest in joining, you may be invited to attend a meeting whether in person or online, to learn more about the business. You'll be asked to sign a contract and purchase a start-up kit or a small amount of product as your start-up stock.

To understand how MLMs work, it also helps to be familiar with industry jargon:

  • The Plan: This is the overall program, including the company's marketing and compensation plans.

  • Sponsor: This refers to the sales representative who directly recruits another person into the business. For example, MLM member A recruits member B into the business. Member A is the sponsor and is responsible for training member B.

  • Recruit: Also referred to as a team member, this is the person brought into the business by the sponsor as a new member. Recruits are trained by their sponsor or other more experienced representatives.

  • Downline: These are the recruits brought in below you. This can include members you've recruited as well as those your recruits have brought into the business.

  • Upline: This consists of the sponsors who came in before you. For example, if rep A recruited rep B, who recruited rep C, who recruited you, your upline is C, B, and A.

  • Compensation Plan: This outlines all the ways reps earn money. Along with commissions on sales made by you and your team, many companies pay bonuses and increase commission splits based on sales volume.

MLM Structure

Whether a particular network marketing / MLM company is right for you will depend on various factors such as how much money you need to invest, your passion for the products you'll be selling, and making sure the network marketing you're considering is actually legitimate.

Be Aware of Pyramid Schemes! ☠️

Unfortunately, some network marketing / MLM opportunities may not be legitimate and may actually be a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Pyramid schemes are illegal. The entire purpose of a pyramid scheme is to get your money, then use you to recruit others. The model is entirely focussed on recruitment rather than sales. Make sure you know what to look out for when considering an MLM opportunity.

Here are some signs that the company is operating a pyramid scheme:

  • Your income is based mainly on the number of people you recruit, and the money those new recruits pay to join the company rather than on the sales of products to consumers.

  • You’re required to buy lots of inventory.

  • You’re forced to buy other things you don’t want or need just to stay in good standing with the company.

Be warned - You’re likely to lose money if you sign up for a pyramid scheme! Make sure you thoroughly research the company you are considering joining before signing a contract and parting with your money.

Tips on How to Find the Right MLM Company For You!

So you may have already decided that an MLM business is for you. But which one should you go for? Here's my tips on choosing the network marketing company that is best suited to you:

  1. Find a company with a product you really like. Too many people get caught up in the hype of potential big income from an MLM that they don't pay enough attention to what the company is asking you to sell. You can’t sell something or share your business if you don’t genuinely have pride in what you are representing.

  2. Make a short list of potential MLM companies that appeal to you.

  3. Identify your target audience for each of the products on your shortlist. Do you know people in any of these target audiences already, i.e. do you have a ready-made audience for any of the potential products you'll be selling?

  4. Do the companies on your shortlist offer training?

  5. Compare the start-up costs and any on-going fees.

  6. Do any of the companies on your shortlist set targets or set minimum monthly achievement levels?

  7. How much space do you have at home to physically store your products?

  8. Do you have the right equipment to run your chosen business e.g. mobile phone, laptop, printer, internet access, etc..

  9. Think about when you will spend time working on your business. Don't forget to allow time each day for planning and marketing your business.

  10. Thoroughly research your preferred MLM company before going ahead. Ask for feedback from other reps in network marketing Facebook groups.

Ultimate List of MLM Companies for Women

The Ultimate List of MLM Companies for Women

I've researched many MLM companies and I've created an ultimate list of my Top 30 MLMs most suited to women working from home whether as a full-time business or a part-time side hustle.

My Top 3 network marketing / MLMs for women include Avon, Body Shop at Home and Forever Living. I have good friends who run these businesses very well and all are earning a decent profit. Two run their businesses as a part-time side hustle and one runs her business full-time whilst raising her family.


Avon have been around for 135 years and specialise in selling cosmetics and toiletries. Starting in 1886 as the California Perfume Company, it became a household name with door-to-door sales and Avon parties and is still a very popular opportunity for many to bring in an additional income.

2. Body Shop at Home

Launched in the UK in 1994, The Body Shop's founder Dame Anita Roddick recognised that women in particular needed to be able to earn an income around other commitments, whether that was their families or other jobs.

All independent Body Shop At Home™ consultants enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being their own boss, making their business work for them by sharing beauty products with their friends, families and contacts. They choose how much time they want to dedicate to their business with around 70% having another full-time or part-time job.

3. Forever Living

As a Forever Living consultant you will be selling a range of cosmetics and skin-care range. Becoming a Forever business owner gives you the opportunity to build a business and build an extra income by purchasing products at a 30% discount and then selling the products to others.

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You will get access to download The Ultimate Guide to MLM Marketing which includes my Ultimate List of the Top 30 MLM Companies for Women for FREE when you subscribe to my mailing list. All my eBooks are FREE to my subscribers, so you'll get access to the lot! 🙌

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