The Work From Home Mama - Ditch the Guilt!

Updated: Apr 28

Ditch The Guilt - that's what a lot of us work from home mamas need to do!

You know, things don't always go according to plan 🤷‍♀️ Every day I have a list of things I am 100% certain I can accomplish that day, then something happens to scupper my plans.

Work from Home Mama Resilience List - Ditch the Guilt
Work from Home Mama Resilience List - Ditch the Guilt

Usually it's family stuff, a phone call from my mum who's worrying that she hasn't seen us for so long, or my kids need something urgent, usually food (my 6-year old boy is constantly eating!)

Sometimes it's health stuff like last week - my tooth broke, I developed a tooth abscess and had an allergic reaction all in one week! 🙄

Sometimes it's just STUFF - my postman likes to stop off for a chat and before I know it 15 minutes has passed and I've lost my concentration (my postman is lovely though!).

You know what it's like... it gets to 2pm and I'm turning my mind to school pick-up and I've only accomplished ONE thing out of my list and I know there is no way I'll finish the rest. I could fret and beat myself up (I used to) but I have a different approach these days.

My response now is to ditch any 'Eek, it didn't go to plan guilt' and just plod on at the best speed I can manage. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

You know, guilt can be really toxic. It makes you feel sad and squashes your energy. So my view nowadays is that I'm human, not a robot, I can only do what I can do! 🤖

Other people might be going faster, but I set my own deadlines and my own pace, to suit my life. I'm not behind, it doesn't matter that it didn't go to plan, I'll just change the plan and keep going. And so can you. My 'Work From Home Mama' Resilience List might be just what you need this week, so here you go. This is for you, because you are awesome and you can do this. 💖

The Work From Home Mama Resilience List
The Work From Home Mama's Resilience List

So, enjoy your day, and try not to feel guilty if you don't get everything done!

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